Engagement Rings Shopping Tips

Engagement rings represent one of the most important transitions of your life. Not only do they represent the shift from single life to married life, but they also are a symbol that encompasses the whole of your union. With so many choices when it comes to gemstones, metals and designs, shopping for rings can be stressful. However, doing some research and keeping a few simple guidelines in mind can help take some of the stress out of the experience and keep things affordable.

Fine jewelry rings come in many different kinds of styles, all with different types of metals and gemstones. The traditional betrothal ring, or the one that most of us picture when we think of engagement, is an ideal cut diamond set into a gold ring. While this is a popular and classic look, it is not the only option on the table. The modern ring doesn’t need to be gold, or even diamond, although diamonds, of course, remain the popular choice. When exploring alternatives to diamond engagement rings or when researching designs, it is important to have some idea in mind of what you would like to communicate about your relationship.

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Loose Diamonds: The Top Five Diamond Mines in the World

There are many certified diamonds to browse, whether you are in the market to purchase one or if you just want to see some extremely expensive jewelry on display. Many museums located all over the world house some of the most lavish and spectacular diamonds the world has ever produced. Mining for diamonds has proved to be very lucrative in various locations all over the world. There are five diamond mines that stand out from the rest. Since it takes many years for a loose diamond to be created deep within the earth’s mantle, it only makes sense that mines can go through a decrease in diamond excavation over the course of their lives.

The Diavik mine located in the Northwest Territories of Canada is one of the few operational mines located in North America. This mine is also the youngest. It was opened in 2003, but it has not let the world down – it produced 6.5 million carats of this precious metal in 2010 alone.

The Argyle diamond mine is one of the most frequently recognized mines. Located in Australia, this diamond mine is known for its pink color. This mine was opened in 1985, and produced 9.8 million carats of diamonds in 2010.

The Catoca diamond mine is located in Angola, Africa. This mine was opened in 1977. Although diamond purchasing has slowed down recently, that has not stopped this mine from excavating a half million carats of this precious stone every month. In 2009, this added up to be 7.5 million carats of this.

The oldest diamond mine is also located in Africa. In the country of Botswana, a diamond mine was opened in 1971 and is still going strong today. In 2010, this mine produced 9.35 million carats of this.

The final diamond mine on our list is the Jwaneng diamond mine, also located in Botswana. You are probably noticing a trend in location of diamond excavation – the majority of them are located in Africa within a close proximity. This mine was opened in 1982 and boasted a remarkable 11.5 million carats of diamonds in 2009.

You can rest assured that the majority of diamond production comes from Africa. These excavation operate tirelessly in order to provide the rest of the world with the gorgeous, polished loose diamonds we have come to cherish over the years. Hopefully, these mines will continue to flourish so we can have our precious stone forever.

Dress Code for a Spring Wedding

What to wear as a wedding guest? You are still confused even if the invitation clearly states the dress code. Here are some hints for what to wear to every type of spring wedding.

Most weddings regards as semi-formal, which means you should choose a cocktail dress for evening and a short dress for daytime. If the invitation gives you no indication as to the dress code, this is your best option. Go and look for something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. You might not be the bride, but you can still feel beautiful when you get dressed up.

Black tie weddings are hard in the spring or summer seasons. They usually call for long evening gowns, formal enough to compliment tuxedos. You can choose either a simple floor-length dress, or a short dress that has beading. For a black tie affair, the length is not as important as color. Generally, this means darker dresses with more luxury fabrics.

A great mother of the bride dresses should look good but it’s important to remember that the focus will be on the bride and the members of the wedding party are there to complement and support her. There’s a fine line between being age appropriate without being dowdy. A good choice might be a simple straight V-neck dress in a soft fabric with a matching jacket.

When an invitation says “festive attire” that means attire that is not so casual as t-shirt and jeans but more dressy than casual or work attire. Festive attire is meant to evoke a fun, sexy, party atmosphere. Think sequins, beading, ruffles, bows etc. The host want guests to dress stylish fashionably. Whatever you wear should make you feel pretty and sexy, so that you’ll be ready to dance and have a good time.

Destination weddings call for elegant but not too formal dresses. You may wish to choose something completely different from the usual dress. Especially if you’re going to a beach wedding, you’ll want to feel special and dressed-up while still island-appropriate.

A dressy daytime wedding calls for something fancier than a cotton sun-dress. Look for a more polished dress appropriate for either morning or afternoon. Choose a short cocktail dress and make sure it’s not too revealing. In some countries a hat is necessary for a formal daytime wedding, but in the US it’s purely optional.

At a casual spring daytime wedding, you’ll want to look relaxed but not sloppy. Casual wedding dresses are known for its simplicity. Don’t think casual means jeans! Instead, it means be well-groomed, fashionable, and comfortable. Casual wedding dresses have usually lesser decorations such as sequins, lace, and pearls.